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On Carola Perla's Art Work and Writing:
"Gibbin House by Carola Perla is one of those rare books that made me fall in love with the story from the very first intense, emotional and flawlessly romantic story...(the) relationships are strained and developed, and the cities take on lives of their own. The story and the language both are so beautiful...It was simply perfect. There are no words with which I can adequately describe my love for this book. Gibbin House should absolutely be a must-read." -- Ashley LaMar, Closed The Cover

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"Even without explanation the two pieces ("Spelling Bee" and "Off the Page") are beautiful.  They stand up aesthetically alone...When you wander the streets of Wynwood (and adjacent areas) during "Art Basel" in Miami you almost always find something interesting...Perla was one of the jewels found accidentally this year" -- Patrick Ogle, Mapanare
"The writing (in Gibbin House) is topnotch in an intellectual vein and the characters are drawn with a depth of observation." -- 19th Annual Writer's Digest Self-Published Book Awards
"...Gibbin House is so interesting, so heartfelt, so much so that I’m struggling with words...A book that will hang around in your thoughts after closing the book or clicking off the Kindle!..." -- Traveling with T, book blog
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"Gibbin House by Carola Perla is one if my favorite historical novels It surrounds a group if educated men rooming in a huge home in Europe around the World War era. I loved the old world setting and the way the housemates had a stiff / formal friendship of that time. I loved the historical details included. The story was heart wrenching in places, and beautifully played through friendship, rivalry, jealousy, kindness, war, secrets, & eventually love." -- Lisa Miller Chandler, MoonShineArtSpot
"Perla is a great writer. She creates this world with a cast of characters that have varying personalities, and puts hard work into detailing the people and scenery. It makes the reader feel that the are living in Gibbin House as well. The settings were so realistic and I liked that Perla uses this poetic literary language that you usually only find in the traditional classics." --Life of a Female Bibliophile, book blog
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"...It seems like those books are kind of rare!"-- Library Educated, book blog
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"That prologue is absolutely amazing...I think I am already in love..." -- Lottie Eve, blogger
Personal Testimonials:
"...its been a LOOOOONGGG time since a book (Gibbin House) touched me this way and actually made me cry...LOOOOVEED it! Definitely a re-read...over and over again! Keep on writing...I'm waiting for more..." -- Boriana Krassimirova-Slabakova, Bulgaria