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KONZEPTION – a cross-pollinating literary fiction and art installation project – aims to make a novel visually
manifest by interpreting its creative process concurrent with its evolution, from inception to publication,
through works of cut-paper sculpture and mixed media visual poetry installations.  The art works become
inextricably linked tothe written word with the novel’s opening lines, which are composed within the first
piece in the series “Konzeption: Prologue”.  Subsequently, as the writing process continues, the novel’s
themes and events inform new installations, while they in turn serve as springboards and incubators for
later chapters. 
KONZEPTION marries Carola Perla’s prose work with her sculptural ‘Lichtsprache’ – lighted cut-paper
sculpture and visual poetry installations.  She created her first installation, “Off the Page” (2011),
as a direct reaction to the hermetic process of writing her debut novel “Gibbin House”.  Her desire to visually
celebrate the completion of this book led to further exploration in ‘lighted’ words and cut paper that
incorporated published text as well as in situ ‘poetry chants’.  KONZEPTION  picks up where “Off the Page”
left off, examining the birth of the novel.  The source here is the in-progress literary fiction novel
“Humboldt’s Riches”, a semi-autobiographical Heart of Darkness that follows a young family’s escape from
the remote Amazon region of Apurimac during Peru’s 1980 guerilla uprisings.
“Konzeption: Prologue”, written in a similar way to other ‘poetry chants’, sets the stage for this South
American adventure story.  Breathlessly, it describes the dangerous task of driving in the Andes.  As a
spontaneous composition, the prologue cannot be amended.  With no space for error, the artist is much like
the Andean driver, maneuvering on a knife’s edge, aware that each carved word will irrevocably form part of
the novel’s opening scene. Above the lines hangs the second sculptural element of the piece, a theatrical
curtain that introduces this story.   Ruffled and fragile, with lace-like lattice cuts, the constructed white
‘curtain’ is meant to work simultaneously fragile as well as imposing and precarious in its weight and
irregularity. Like an avalanche, with its frayed layers casting craggy shadows, the curtain portends the
nebulous beginnings of something.
“Konzeption: Prologue” was unveiled on August 10, 2013, officially launching the KONZEPTION series
that is projected for completion in autumn 2014.  It is pre-dated by the proto-KONZEPTION installation
"Se Vende" (May 2013), which introduced the project's Peruvian setting and question of patrimony. 
A special-edition photo book documenting the KONZEPTION project will be released as a companion to
"Humboldt's Riches" upon publication. 
"Se Vende"

"KONZEPTION: Prologue"
"KONZEPTION: Mariposa"
"KONZEPTION" series - room view