Carola Perla
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“Off the Page – An Anatomic Look at the Creation of a Novel”
Mixed Media Installation
Source: Gibbin House
“Off the Page”
Paper Sculpture and Light Installation
Source: Gibbin House

Gibbin House - A novel by Carola Perla(excerpt)

It’s like the letter I wrote, which I entrusted to Theodor before he left, asking that he wait a few days before handing it over to her.  It is not the letter I still keep under my bed, which I am glad to have written and equally glad never to have sent.

In this fresh version, I remind her of the fairytales she used to read to me at bedtime, about princesses trapped in enchantments within the forest, and the suitors who failed to deliver her and were exiled instead by the wicked witch to the land where the pepper grows.  And I ask her if she remembers what she used to tell me about that land, because it seemed to me so desolate.  How she’d reinforce my suspicions with talk of sandstorms and desert dunes, a land so dire and far removed that one should never find his way back home again. 

Well, now I tell her that I asked Jan about it one day, about what the land is like where the pepper grows.  He knows the saying, of course.  And so he laughed, because of course we were quite wrong.  He said that just because pepper was powdery and dry, didn’t mean it hailed from arid plains.  Rather, he said, it grew on the Malabar Coast, the wettest strip in India, a place of humid monsoons and verdant tropical jungles, mists and overgrowth. 
And I tell her about his description because I want her to know what I now know, which is that the place where the pepper grows is not a place to be afraid of…

I tell her: Mama, exile is not always the darkest corner of the earth.  Sometimes it is lush and plentiful, sometimes it is full of life…

“Illegible (Man Kann Mein Gesicht Nicht Lesen)”
Paper Sculpture and Graphite Drawing Installation
“Spelling Bee”
Paper Sculpture and Light Installation
Text: "Spelling Bee - A Girl's Linguistic Journey" (2012) - A visual poem by Carola Perla
"A-Mended Conversation"
Paper Sculpture, embroidery, printed text
Source: Gibbin House 
"Se Vende"
Paper Sculpture, graphite drawing, light, and voice recording installation
Text: "Se Vende" chant poem; drawing - Casa Marsano
Paper Sculpture
Text: "Humboldt's Riches"
Paper Sculpture, with painted vellum