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Carola Perla was born in 1977 in Timisoara, Romania, to parents of Peruvian and German-Romanian heritage. She spent her earliest childhood in Lima and Munich, and by the time her family headed to South Florida in 1986, she had lived in four countries and was on her way to learning a third language.  English would prove the most difficult, but Carola’s love of books and inventing adventure stories made her determined to become a writer.  After nearly three years in the US, 7thGrade standardized tests scored her language skills to be that of a fourth grader’s – a year later she was one of two students in her Middle School to earn the 1st Place poetry prize at the Youth Fair, a feat she repeated the following year.  Although she continued to compose poetry and earn awards for writing, her interests diverted into art and music, and ultimately academics.  She earned a B.A. in Art History at FSU, before moving on to completing an M.A. in German Literature, a field which reignited her love of fiction.
Carola first started work on Gibbin House in 2002, soon after returning back home to Miami Beach to join her family’s budding PR business.  The economic effects of September 11, however, left her with little work for six months, ample time in which to reflect on her life and her studies. Her master’s thesis on Fin de Siècle Vienna still fresh in her mind, she was further inspired by the immigrant stories she encountered in South Beach - the cultural, emotional, and linguistic struggles young people faced far from home which so resembled her own experiences. Returned focus on her PR firm, as well as various music projects, short stories, and freelance journalism, led to Gibbin House turning into a nine-year writing project.  After several rewrites and three alternate versions, Carola finally published the novel in 2011. 
The novel’s completion coincided with the launch of her art studio and gallery in the Wynwood Arts District, ATELIER 1022, and she was able to use the space to explore the novel’s long journey through her first of several word-inspired paper and light sculptures.  Her first instillation, “Off the Page: A Look into the Anatomy of a Novel” debuted to public acclaim during Art Basel Miami 2011.  She continues to sculpt and compose visual poetry, in addition to planning her next fiction project: Humboldt’s Riches.  The novel will be a modern semi-autobiographical ‘Heart of Darkness’ that leads a Romanian protagonist and her young family into Peru’s remote Apurimac region during the guerilla uprising of 1980.

ATELIER 1022 Studio and Fine Art Gallery, Wynwood Arts District 

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