Carola Perla
Artist : Author

Carola Perla is an award-winning paper artist, visual poet, and author, based out of Miami Beach, Florida.  The German-Romanian and Peruvian artist uses literary fiction, multi-lingual poetry, and lighted cut-paper installations to explore transience and transculturation.  She calls this work "LichtSprache."


Catch installations from the "Konzeption" Series at ATELIER 1022 Concept Studio's new location in the Wynwood Arts District, starting in January 2014
KONZEPTION is the Humboldt's Riches cross-media art and prose project.  See a novel in the making...
Also: Catch Carola Perla's "Illegible" this Spring at the Paper and Sculpture Exhibit
"Dimensional Approaches"
at the Impact Artists' Gallery in Buffalo, New York
March 5 - April 25, 2014 




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